Spyware In PunkBuster !!

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Published by Sir Paul 18 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
I have just received this e-mail from EA Shadow(RAV) He feels the community should be aware of this: [quote]Sir Paul this is some very intresting information i have found out, you may want to pass it into the news area of the site! I have recently discovered that PB has 10 apps of spyware in its programing,the unfortunate thing is it does not only monitor your gaming it monitors your entire PC! from where you go on the web, to msn instant messaging? and every thing in between, now we know that PB is to monotor all sof movement,because they tell us this on there site,but they neglected to tell us they monitor every thing u do on your PC? So i have included some software to enable you to monitor your own PC's online activity and a spy ware detection scanner incase you want to post it on sof2files the software that i have included to scan for spy ware has a full subscription i paid for it all ready i realise that most game player dont allways have a credit card to purchase online,so i thought i might help a little for those who mat not be able to purchase the product. Again the eula, end users license agreement in PB does not tell you that they install ten spyware apps in there program, and it is truly a invasion of one's private life not just sof! i was confounded to learn this! hope that this will help? best regards. EA Shadow(RAV)[/quote] Sir Paul Soffiles & Sof2files Site Manager. E-mail - [email protected] [i] Extra Note From Black_Ice there is a good free spyware tool on this web site http://www.lavasoftusa.com called Ad-aware 6 Comments Section has been closed just run the above software and you should be fine[/i]
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