Tons 'o skins to be added

By Pro-Filer 23 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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I've been playing online somewhat lately and gathered about 6 skins. The reason why I haven't posted these skins yet is because I don't know who the author is. So, if you made a skin for SoF and you're reading this, fire off an E-mail to me. Another reason is time. I've been very freakin' busy with school lately and had absolutely no time to add skins. Therefore, Andre Peschke of GamesMania.de will be taking this over. Expect both me and him to post a bunch of skins on friday evening / saturday morning. Finally, we're having Mike Caldwin doing the maps section. Mike is the owner of the BC Custom map server, a server (as you would have guessed) that runs custom maps only. A great way to test your home-made maps! Contact Mike at [email protected] to have him run your map. You can hop on the server through the game, it'll be listed as "BC's Customs maps server". And of course, if you have a custom made map, let us know as well and we'll put it up! Oh, and there's some more skins out there on other sites. One of those sites is the Skinlab so I suggest you check 'em out.

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