Weekly Poll Results - Do you record demos when you play?

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Do you record demos when you play?

No 39% (43)
Yes - Only sometimes 31.8% (35)
I don't know how 15.4% (17)
Yes - All the time 13.6% (15)
Total: 110
Start: 09-13-2008 06:20
Last: 09-19-2008 21:34

 #1 - Posted by: infrequent (Member) on 09-14-2008 at 12:35

I never played without recording....

 #2 - Posted by: ChrisZ (Member) on 09-15-2008 at 03:37

Lol ye but ur a moviemoviemaking freak! I used to record demo's for clanwars, not for my own pleasure. Btw make the next poll, how long have you been playing sof2, im kinda curious, ty goody!

 #3 - Posted by: GOODY (Staff) on 09-15-2008 at 03:47

Will do Chris :)

 #4 - Posted by: _Commando_ (Member) on 09-15-2008 at 14:09

Or SoF / SoF2 perhaps... We are some veterans here ;)

 #5 - Posted by: Richi949 (Member) on 09-18-2008 at 22:45

I cant' imagine someone wanting to record every time they play so that they may make a journal about how much their aim has improved. Life's bigger.

 #6 - Posted by: Sliz3r (Member) on 09-19-2008 at 08:20

Lmao #5 Hahahahahaha :P

 #7 - Posted by: _Commando_ (Member) on 09-19-2008 at 22:26

You don't need to record demos to do that. SS is enough. It often happens that I think 'damn, I wish I demoed that' :eek:

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