Weekly Poll Results - Which version of SoF2 do you play

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Which version of SoF2 do you play

Version 1.03 (Gold) 73.1% (101)
Version 1.00 17.3% (24)
Other - Please say what. 9.4% (13)
Total: 138
Start: 08-09-2008 06:06
Last: 08-16-2008 03:11

 #1 - Posted by: Angrybob (Member) on 08-09-2008 at 20:27

Whichever one is the pirated one that I got three weeks before the actual game release, I think it's 0.75, JK!!! LoL! I actually play 1.03. -Angrybob

 #2 - Posted by: Patzor (Member) on 08-10-2008 at 07:54

sometimes sof2 demo >.< cuz there are alots dutch people

 #3 - Posted by: ArcKon (Member) on 08-15-2008 at 22:53

SoF2 v1.03 FTW Actually one of the best games out there! Although.... i also really enjoy playing thirdperson on v1.00 with some buddies, playing hide n' seek is really fun, (only played it a couple of times) Both are pretty superb games! Sof4 anyone? ~> by Raven???? or Activison with more effort?

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