Will it be your D-Day, the next time you play?

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Published by Pro-Filer 20 years ago , last updated 3 years ago
Woohoo! Finally a DM map with a little "story". From no one else than Intruder of course, here's what he has to say:
Well here's a collaboration for ya this time, the original map design was done by Turbo for Kingpin, but it was never released due to some probelms it had and Turbo moved on to Q3 mapping and gave me the file to see if I could fix it up and get it out, but the KP engine just didn't like the size of the open areas and since SOFs engine runs a bit better I resized the map and converted it to SOF and now the rest is up to you, So get ready to storm the beach or protect it. Theres 3 spawn points out in the water, in which you'll have to wade thru the water to the beach, but with 2 of them you'll start with the assult rifle or smg as its called and the 3rd you'll start with magnum and then the other spawn points are on the land and start you only with the reg. pistol. So the idea here is that, if you spawn on land you try and make your way to the bunker and use the sniper rile to pick off the ones storming the beach and if you spawn in the water, then may fraggod help you, because its your D_Day
Here's 2 screenshots I took, there's one more (the best one, hehe) at the download info page:
The first one is showing off the Sniper box, the place to snipe all the dudes that try to get on the beach, make it their D-Day!!! The second shot is just, eh, I dunno, I just stood there and overlooked the "back-side" (the non-beach side) of the map a bit and alt. fired the slugthrower... wow... NOT Anyways, this map is great! Get it, play it, and see how many times you're lucky enough not to respawn in the water! muahahaha! Thanks Greggie! Oops, almost forgot, here's the download link. Enjoy!
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