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Cartoons Captain America

Hell yeah! It's Captain America! has smacked up the first Skin Pack for SoF. It has 6 different skins made by Hive. A fine skin manuf...


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Cartoons Cyclops

Real Name: Scott Summers Affiliation: X-Men History: Scott Summers will be one of the great men of mutant history. H...


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Cartoons The Incredible Hulk

Real name: Dr. Robert Bruce Banner. Origin of his powers: Exposed to Gamma Radiation. This is Multiplaya's second skin. Hi...


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Cartoons Spiderman

Now, who have we got here? Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it another Marvel Superhero? In any case it's a really cool skin. And you thought...


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Cartoons Bobo

Hello kids! Yes, it's you all time favourite clown "bobo"! Don't know him? Just imagine his name was "Binky" or "Crusty" or whatever. These...


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Cartoons Spiderman 2000

So...whenever a Superhero has a comeback, his costume gets a design tune-up, right? Now, Spidey is back and he too, has changed his looks to...


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Cartoons Spiderman 2099

Here is a nice fantasy male skin made by _Venom! Spiderman 2099 still hasn't got his sticky web, but he does got a sound that might impr...


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Cartoons Kenny

Here is the allmighty Kenny (South park) to kick some ass... The skin is created by X! Have some fun!


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Cartoons Cartman

Here is the allweirdy Cartman (South park) to kick some ass... The skin is created by CoolJ*$*! Have some fun!