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Celebrities Moorhuhn-Freak

This skin is from the famous-for-German Morhuhn game. Made by Games Mania! Thanks!


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Celebrities Moorhuhn (Regular)

This skin features the famous Moorhuhn chicken. It's hard to see on the screenshot on this page but his face is actually a chicken-face!...


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Celebrities Moorhuhn with Sunglasses

This skin features the famous Moorhuhn chicken wearing sunglasses. It's hard to see on the screenshot on this page but his face is actually...


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Celebrities Saddam Hussein

I don't think this guy needs any introduction... This is the skin as seen in the game. However, it was only to be seen in a scripted scen...


Celebrities Rambo

Yes, it's John Rambo, made by Lord Ash. Just unzip into sof/user/ and enjoy! It's a pretty good skin!


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Celebrities Chewbacca

It's our Star Wars friend Chewbacca! Well, this skin that Jason made is not bad so check it out! Updated: A .m32 file is now inc...


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Celebrities Sub-Zero

Well, I felt like that this skin should be placed under celebrities section, cuz I think there's tons of people out there who know this guy!...


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Celebrities Gordon Freeman

Whoowee!!! Finally a very very very cool skin! Very very well done by Icarus from the mighty Skinlab!!! So anyways, for those who don't k...


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Celebrities Neo (Keanu Reeves)

Well, I'm going to be honost, but I don't think this skin is that great. It's not the worst I've ever seen but it's just such a boring skin!...


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Celebrities Adolf Hitler

The evil dumb-ass himself! Like him or not, but he's here at for your download pleasure! Now you can blow this guy's head of or...


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Celebrities The Crow

The Crow!! Yes, it's that guy! It's lookin' pretty cool! Real Name: Brandon Lee Father: Bruce Lee History: Brando...


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Celebrities Jason Voorhees

Real Name: Jason Voorhees Origin: Crystal Lake History: Jason drowned at Camp Crystal Lake. The rest is history. P...


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Celebrities Gign

I was in doubting whether or not this skin should be put under the celebrities section. Well, since Gign is a guy from the most famous mod a...


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Celebrities Britney Spears

Okay, let's not discuss wether or not she can sing. Who cares as long there are some other good reasons to love her. Two good reasons to be...


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Celebrities Scorpion

He, he, he...finish him! Cause' if you don't he'll finish you. This, of course you all know, is the allfamous "Scorpion" from Mortal Kombat...


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Celebrities Darth Maul

What's cool about "Episode 1"? Right, the lightsabres and Darth Maul. And here he is, Mr. Bad'n Ugly in person. The guy who made two jedi's...


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Celebrities Ethan Hunt

For all of you guys who think, just like me, that M:I2 was an incredibly cool movie, despit it's incredibly obvious storyline: Here's IMF's...


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Celebrities Ash

Now look at this! He's still got his hand! Must be a photo taken before the second evil-dead movie - or worse, the nasty little thing has gr...


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Celebrities Snake

Here is a skin called (Solid) Snake (the hero from the Metal Gear game-series) created by Per-Henrik Lam. Have some fun with it!


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Celebrities Goku Super-Saiyan

Here is a nice skin called Goku Super-Saiyan (the star from Dragon Ball Z) created by CoolJ*$*! Have fun with it!


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Celebrities Mortal Kombat 4

Here is a nice skinpack with some well-known charcaters from the Mortal Kombat-series: Reptile, Scorpion and Sub-Zero! The pack has been...


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Celebrities Terminator 2

Here is a nice male skin called Terminator 2 (from the movie) created by Nemesis Morte! When you die with the skin on, his face will have...


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Celebrities James Bond

Here are two male skins covering the same man: Agent 007, James Bond (after today that's 007a and 007b)! Both skins have been created by...


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Celebrities Han Solo

Here is another great skin from Fragger! This time it's Han Solo from the Star Wars-series! Now let's screw the princess ;) The skin is p...


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