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Control Station Control

PointyGit was nice enough to make another version of his station that can be used for the Control type gameplay (new in GOLD version of SoF)...


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Control Gabes Tree

Here is a cool indoor map by inmewetrust that is quite big and is designed for 4-12 players. The map has 2 "main" big areas that consist of...


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Control GabesWang

Here is a cool map made by inmewetrust which is designed for 6-8 players. I really like this map because its small and simple, yet it is pr...


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Control Blutkrieg

Here is a map that is made for Foyleman's Mappers Guild. It is a 100-brush map that can be played in just about all the modes. The map has a...


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Control Comdis

Here is a new map from hector Infector and this time it's a DM/Control and CTB map... the map contains a few buildings (including a warehous...