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Deathmatch Tanya Cheex

Planet Soldier smacked up this FIRST EVER deathmatch map which was send to them by Tanya Cheex. However, I didn't see no name for the map so...


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Deathmatch Hell's Kitchen

A nice map which is based on the very first map in soldier of fortune. It has some nice secrets hidden in it, if you find 'em, you'll be mas...


Deathmatch Loco

This map is made and was sent to us by LoCo. I kinda like the map, even tho there's not a lot of eye candy in most places, there are...


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Deathmatch Death Train

Map updated: Brighter After the maker of this map got a lot of feedback saying the map is to damn dark! :) He decided to make it brighter!...


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Deathmatch Fragstation

Updated: This map has been fixed so it works on servers that have rockets enabled. There was a little bug that made the map fail when trying...


Deathmatch Town (Beta)

Note: This map is a BETA and has expired. Click here to get the newer and FINAL version.


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Deathmatch Town (Final)

Note: This is the Town map which I posted yesterday, however, the version from yesterday was a beta and had a few bugs in it. This is...


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Deathmatch Sick City

"Well this is my second Kingpin conversion to SoF and this map is a classic to Kingpinners and I just added to it a bit with some secrets an...


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Deathmatch Moshpit

"Moshpit was a map for Kingpin that I liked and so I converted it for SOF, basically all I used was the shell and added quite a bit to it, l...


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Deathmatch Black Hole Sun

"Well here's my sixth SOF map and this time I tried to be different and make a map that requires some thinking, such as coming off the highe...


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Deathmatch The Gauntlet

A very small, but cool map. This'll be worth the download just cuz it's so small. It'd be useful for a no B.S. 1 on 1 where you never have t...


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Deathmatch Armagon

"This is a Kingpin map conversion to SoF and the original was made by Copilot, it was called Armagon and DrEaMDoA from BCs asked me if I wou...


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Deathmatch Poor

This map is very very cool I must say. It's kind of a maz2 but not really :) You'll just have to play it!! I think the screenshot will te...


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Deathmatch Protected

"Well heres my second map brighter than the last one 8 ). I tryed to add more detail to this one also. I took a chance and added turrets...


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Deathmatch Widowstein

Here's Intruder's latest self-made map for SoF. This is what Intruder writes: "This is an original map that I made for SOF and Widowmake...


Deathmatch Fortress

Copilot's third map, Fortress, rocks. That's all there is to say, but here's a note from the author himself: "Once I had created this map...


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Deathmatch Fortress1

Note: This is the same map as "Fortress" that was released a few days before this one. This map, Fortress 1 however, has better r_speeds...


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Deathmatch MayhemMaul

"Hay whats more fun than watching the home shopping club with the old lady or whats better yet than a blue light special. Its MayhemMaul, no...


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Deathmatch WWF

See that screenshot? Guess what? It's a wrestling arena! Go check it out! Thanks Ebandit!


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Deathmatch Hedgend Industrial Estate - Dark & Faster

Note: There is also a Lighter but Slower version of this map that can be found here. This map by Chrome Angel is a fine one. It's mainly...


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Deathmatch Hedgend Industrial Estate - Light but Slower

Note: There is also a Darker and Faster version of this map that can be found here. This map by Chrome Angel is a fine one. It's mainly o...


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Deathmatch Frozen Streets

Well, the title should tell you enough :) This is a small "city" covered with snow. Rooftops are accesible and this map seems like a lot of...


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Deathmatch WWF Cage

This is the earlier released WWF arena map, but this time it's with a cage around the central arena. It's very fun, here's what the author h...


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Deathmatch Icecave

This map is pretty damn cool, it's small but it's for some cool and fast gameplay. It's an arena style map, very kewl!