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Graphics Tools TGA Converter

From the author: A little update, so that the textures also work in the game and not only in the SoFRadiant ;-) Sorry about that....


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Graphics Tools M32-File (Texture) Viewer

Just unzip and put it anywhere. Double-Click an M32-File and point to the M32View.exe. That's it.


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Graphics Tools TGA-M32 Mass convert

Gunslinger sends along a cool little script, here's what he has to say: "Just completed a simple little Windows Script that will convert...


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Graphics Tools Colormap (SoF Radiant Fix)

This file should be place in the SDk directory in bin/ This file is only for people who are having troubles running SoF SDK in the form o...


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Graphics Tools color

If you would like colored names in Soldier of Fortune download this hack and read the instuctions.txt file Do not write to me if you can'...


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Graphics Tools m32 Tool Beta 2

Well Magic Interface has finally released his much anticipated Beta 2 of his m32 Tool Graphics Utility. Here is a list of improvements over...


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Graphics Tools M32 Build

Here is a very important tool (made by the allmighty PointyGit) for mappers who want to create their own textures! It automatically add m...