Soldier of Fortune

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Name Developer Filesize Downloads
The Soldier of Fortune Song (WAV) Raven Software 5.94MB 1001
The Soldier of Fortune Song (MP3) Raven Software 593KB 4271
Siberia (MP3) Guest 1.15MB 1020
Train Level Sound Clip Guest 2.15MB 790
Audio for the Cinematic (intro) Guest 1.04MB 1466
SoF Intro Guest 6.27MB 1228
Demo Clip Guest 1.17MB 2694
Crawl Animation Guest 301KB 1673
Groin Shot Animation Guest 467KB 3178
The Soldier of Fortune Trailer Raven Software 21.61MB 2119
The Soldier of Fortune E3 Movie Guest 6.2MB 2152
Realistic My Ass 12.57MB 4933
John Mullins Interview Guest 45.16MB 705
SoF Platinum Trailer Raven Software 5.06MB 1314
SoF Community Movie 1 Guest 29.67MB 1542
Sof Community Movie 2 Guest 19.45MB 708
Memory of [LG] (PyS)Ninja/Demon 6.16MB 553
Saving Private Julian Timurothi 108.18MB 561
SoF Baddies (800 x 600) Raven Software 513KB 263
SoF Baddies (1024 x 768) Raven Software 799KB 407
SoF Baddies (1280 x 1024) Raven Software 1.33MB 295
Ravensoft Logo (1280 x 1024) Raven Software 1.51MB 323
Ravensoft Logo (1024 x 768) Raven Software 922KB 437
Ravensoft Logo (800 x 600) Raven Software 564KB 270
Head Blow (800x600) ¤§ïѤ 752KB 504
Head Blow (1024x768) ¤§ïѤ 1.15MB 1238
Head Blow (1280x1024) ¤§ïѤ 1.9MB 335
John Mullins (800x600) ¤§ïѤ 817KB 206
John Mullins (1024x768) ¤§ïѤ 1.27MB 220
John Mullins (1280x1024) ¤§ïѤ 2.15MB 188
Collage (800x600) ¤§ïѤ 861KB 564
Collage (1024x768) ¤§ïѤ 1.33MB 1363
Collage (1280x1024) ¤§ïѤ 2.22MB 527
Collage of explosions (800x600) ¤§ïѤ 1.09MB 391
Collage of explosions (1024x768) ¤§ïѤ 1.74MB 692
Collage of explosions (1280x1024) ¤§ïѤ 2.87MB 409
Collage of explosions (800x600) MeBot 922KB 283
Collage of explosions (1024x768) MeBot 1.41MB 353
Collage of explosions (1280x1024) MeBot 2.25MB 321
Gas Mask Soldier (800x600) Guest 701KB 607
Gas Mask Soldier (1024x768) Guest 949KB 1114
Gas Mask Soldier (1280x1024) Guest 1.68MB 687
Knife and Hall (800x600) Guest 883KB 176
Knife and Hall (1024x768) Guest 1.32MB 237
Knife and Hall (1280x1024) Guest 2.23MB 190
Guns and Money (800x600) Guest 454KB 718
Guns and Money (1024x768) Guest 531KB 1105
Guns and Money (1280x1024) Guest 1.1MB 645
Low angle killer (800x600) Guest 995KB 256
Low angle killer (1024x768) Guest 1.49MB 364