Soldier of Fortune
Multiple gamemodes

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Name Rating Developer Filesize Downloads
Mountain Forts CTF Flyin' V 439KB 942
VCA·Range DM BETA VCA·Ace 487KB 476
[R&B] Roost NOTTMOTO 944KB 82
Brd Hood Rob_is_bored 6.11MB 956
=ABC= Rock =ABC=Cyba 142KB 868
[KB]RoC2 [KB]ZED 142KB 258
Skate or Die!!! PETER R'dam 580KB 259
[R&B] Kickmasters Maze NOTTMOTO 2.04MB 147
[R´dam] HANGER X Jan [Rdam] and Demise 1.46MB 127
[R&B] Fire In The Hole NOTTMOTO 1.17MB 173
[R´dam]_MARROC_X Jan 907KB 112
[R´dam]_KINGPIN_X Jan [Rdam] and Demise 1.27MB 196
[R&B] Hardcore Bunker v2 NOTTMOTO 419KB 115
[R&B] Hardcore Hallway NOTTMOTO 558KB 127
[R&B] Hardcore Hold em NOTTMOTO 779KB 112
[R&B] Hardcore Library v2 NOTTMOTO 726KB 303
Aker City Yuna and Timurothi 2.01MB 520
[R&B] Close Quarters NOTTMOTO 584KB 111
[Rdam] The Yard Jan 3.14MB 107
[Rdam] Mojo PETER R'dam 154KB 50
[Rdam] The Wall X PETER R'dam 185KB 63
[Rdam] Quake XLDM6 X PETER R'dam 663KB 78
[Rdam] Quake DM1 X PETER R'dam 665KB 95
[Rdam] Rundmc X PETER R'dam 508KB 65
[Rdam] The Ring X PETER R'dam 1.82MB 83
[R&B] Multimoto NOTTMOTO 908KB 146
Lost Playground JEFF R'dam 312KB 193
[Rdam] D2Map07 Guest 1.48MB 160
[Rdam] HL Cliff Side 3 PETER R'dam 1.25MB 59
[Rdam] Scream Guest 1.46MB 92
[Rdam] Dark City Jan [Rdam] and Demise 1.45MB 324
[R&B] Earthquake UT2K3 NOTTMOTO 607KB 206
Coop Rdam Avion Jan [Rdam] and Demise 1.26MB 320
Coop Rdam Avion DEMISE R'dam / JAN R'dam 1.49MB 204
[RDAM] The Tube PETER R'dam 1.73MB 106
UPS Pac Man Eh NOTTMOTO 175KB 150
[RDAM] Big Bedroom Guest 1.96MB 270
[RDAM] SoF2 MP Hos1 PETER R'dam 1.05MB 229
[R&B]Barn Storm NOTTMOTO 1.28MB 240
[RDAM] Kill Bill DM Jan [Rdam] and Demise 2.28MB 153
Rdam The Spiral X PETER R'dam 130KB 118
Coop Nyc2 Rdam DEMISE R'dam / JAN R'dam 999KB 251
R'dam CTF2 Guest 652KB 132
R'Dam CTF PETER R'dam 1.05MB 217
SNQP CTF2 Gauderio SNQP 87KB 148
[R&B]Kampgrounds NOTTMOTO 4.44MB 185
[R&B]Dead Zone NOTTMOTO 1.54MB 96
DL Clan Facility =DL=Clan 179KB 68
DL Clan Facility =DL=Hitman 187KB 81
Coop Streets Rdam DEMISE R'dam / JAN R'dam 1.05MB 281
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