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Others Happy Menu MOD

Here is a nice and happy menu for you, made by Satan's son! The globe has turned into a hge :) Have fun with it!


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Others [EHS] Modified console-background

Here is a new console background for those players who are bored with the current one ;) The background is made by 111... Have fu...


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Others Snip Console

Here is a modified consolebackground for you all, created by SNIP Ninja, aka {AKA}Ninja Have fun with it!


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Others Snip Globe

Here is a nice modified menu-theme created by SNIP Ninja aka {AKA}Ninja Have fun with it!


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Others MyFly Mod

MyFly has created a mod that changes a lot in the game: - Menu's - Consolebackground - New skins for weapons and item - New sounds for w...


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Others Iceman menu

{BK}Iceman has created a custom menu for SOF1 and he wants to share it with you :) Have fun with it!


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This changes the look of the menue screen Looks nice:)


Others Seals HUD

This mod changes the look of MP game Heads up Display (HUD) sent in by Melk (Seals). Go give it a try and see what you think ;) ...


Others Killtext Modification

This amezing mod changes your default kill text messages to something you've probably never seen before, Go check out the screenshots and gi...


Others Killtext Modification

It's a little modification that changes the "Player1 got killed by Player2's gun" text into "Player1 « weapon » Player2"....


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Others R'Dam Coop Skins 1Team Only

Here's a nice little "mod" which is only useful if you have a Coop server. This file makes only 1 team available. *** This is for SOF1 On...