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Prefabs 105mm Gun Prefab

Here is a really cool prefab made by Martin Persson for Half-Life but retextured by Raptor. Its a really big 105mm gun that would look amaz...


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Prefabs MadCat Mech Prefab!

Remember that awesome 105mm gun prefab Raptor got from GameDesign? Well hes back at it again, this time with a giant MadCat Mech from GameD...


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Prefabs Lazer Gun Prefab

Remember that awesome 105mm Gun Prefab that Raptor got from GameDesign? Well, just as he promised, he has come out with yet another awesome...


Prefabs Snips Limo prefab

~SNIP~Gohan made a Limo prefab for the SOF1 mappers out there! Have fun with it :beer:


Prefabs Stairs Prefab by Jan R´dam

For all you SoF1 mappers out there, hope there is ? Here are some stairs prefabs you may find useful :) *** This is for SOF1 Only ***


Prefabs Bridge-Prefab

Original prefab from Half-Life and converted to SoF Here is a nice bridge prefab to help out all you out there still makin...