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All Files In Soldier of Fortune Single Player
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Single Player SoF Toy Weapon Modification

Well, im hesitant to call this a "mod" since it isnt a full modification of SoF, but techinically it is a modification of the weapons in the...


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Single Player Rainbow Mod

Travis1045 emailed me with a mod that lets you change the colours of your gun. I personally would like to keep my guns the way they are rig...


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Single Player Obituary Mod

Here is a cool little mod made by Kuren. The mod changes the colours of text in the Console to make it easier to read and stuff. So what a...


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Single Player Weapons Ghost Mod ZZ

Here is a weapons mod by (ZZ)_Grinder. Personally I like to keep my weapons the way they are in SoF, so I dont usually install the weapon m...