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Sounds Homez Sound Mod

Here is a sound mod by Interface. Although I didnt install it because I already have my own custom sounds installed, here is a little descr...


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Sounds GUM

Here is a sound mod that was originally called "Homez Sound Mod" but has new and modified weapon sounds which include: Heavy Machine Gun, Ma...


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Sounds Sound Mod

Here is a cool modification of the Conquer and Beep horn, and certain frag/spawn sounds. I did not install this myself, but Ill let the dev...


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Sounds Risque Sound Mod for SoF

Here is a Sound Mod for SoF made by Risque. It contains 3 pak files that change the sounds of your SoF Game. Here is an explanation of wha...


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Sounds Death sounds

Here is a mod that changes the sound of your weapons with bullets! The sounds are realistic! Tip: Be sure you read the info-file! When yo...


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Sounds Soundeffects - Skinheads

Here are new voices for the skinheads from the singleplayergame created by MoJoJoJo! Warning for the people with a weak stomage, the skin...


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Sounds Soundeffects - Weapons

Here are some alternative sounds for the weapons (single- and multiplayer-mode)... very realistic! Have fun with it!


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Sounds Razio Life (Alpha 1)

Here is a cool mod which adds a radio function like the ones from AQ2 and CS to SOF ("Enemy down"). It is still a development, but Kyo (...


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Sounds Rdam Weapon Sounds

For all people who still play SoF1, this the a really good file. It changes the sounds of the weapons, so give it a try :) *** This is...


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Sounds [RDAM] MC-HAMMER Soundpack

Here is a sound pack with sounds from MC hammer that change the fragsound etc. in multiplayer games. Have fun and leave your feed back ;)


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Sounds [RDAM] CTF Sounds

Here PETER R'dam has taken some sounds from UT-2004, you now have some new sounds for CTF & headshot. These sounds are for SoF1 only, s...