Soldier of Fortune

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Video SoF Intro

Soldier of Fortune Intro video.


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Video Demo Clip

Soldier of Fortune 3 second demo clip.


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Video Crawl Animation

House of Moves development animation for a backwards crawl.


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Video Groin Shot Animation

House of Moves development animation for a hit in the well you figure it out. (Listen to The Soldier of Fortune Song for a hint on th...


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Video The Soldier of Fortune Trailer

In case you didn't download the Demo yet, get a taste of what you're missing by watching this 21.6 Meg AVI. It'll give you a good shot of So...


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Video The Soldier of Fortune E3 Movie

Soldier of Fortune Movie (AVI) as shown on 1999's E3 conference.


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Video Realistic My Ass

Oh my god!!! You must download this video. It's the funniest thing ever!! It shows how today's games are NOT REALISTIC at all. Have you e...


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Video John Mullins Interview

Here is something that might interest the die-hard SOF-players: a live interview with good (but) old John Mullins :D


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Video SoF Platinum Trailer

Well, this is the Soldier of Fortune Platinum trailer, GODh found it on the [url="


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Video SoF Community Movie 1

Droopy made a rocking movie (using the divx 5 codec) with about 80 pictures in it from the "SoF Community Players". Many of the hardcore...


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Video Sof Community Movie 2

Another movie bout the same subject by a different dood :confused: with some nice visual effects. Go grab it! :D Greetz: [email="chill...


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Video Memory of [LG]

This is a movie bout the clan, made by Ewok Enjoy&Chill


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Video Saving Private Julian

If you thought SoF1 was dead, you are not right! Timurothi and lots of other guys have created a nice 10 minutes long movie. The plot of the...