3D Max Modeling Tools



SoFOperation's close work with Raven Software has yielded yet more results. This time it's good news for anyone out there with a copy of MAX 3 (but MAX 2 users should still read) who wants to get modelling for Soldier of Fortune.

Note: Everything below here is taken straight from the fine folks over at SoFOperations.com, the makers of this file. Therefore our big thanks to SoFOperations.com!!!

"Tools.zip contains two max3 plugins, which you need to install before you can load the max files. These are crippled versions of some proprientary plugins we use for importing from softimage and doing texture coordinates. Also included is gprep which is needed to build multi-sequence animations, such as inview weapons.

I decided to use max3, because I figured most people were using max3. If there is significant amount of whining, I can make max2 versions of these plugins.

To get a file that contains all of the max files and textures for the shotgun, go here. When you load these you will notice two warnings: - "adv_ctrl was not found". This is an attachment controller we used with max2 for making these files. I looked, it is not available for max3. This controller was used to position dummies on the mesh for things like shell ejection and muzzle flash. Max has a built in attachment controller, but it was broken (in max2 anyway) so we used this one instead. You will have to reposition these dummies for new weapons. - The second warning is "obsolete data format, please resave". This simply means that these are max2 files that you are loading into max3. No problem.



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