Here is a cool fantasy male-skin from MrKatt. It's not the hero from the Castlevania-series. It's more the demonic brother of Dracula :D

Here is a skin I made up quite some time ago. I know it don't fit the military aspect of the game but I thought it was cool all the same. His name is Alucard and I Think a lot of people would like to see him. I've hosted a few games and a few people have downloaded him from me through the sever and have said my skin was worth the wait of the download. The characters wings will flap in game play, and when the gravity is lowered in game it looks really cl seeing this demon character flying over your head, or having it jump down right in front of you scaring the S@#$ out of ya. He even comes with his own theme music at the character select screen.

Have fun with it!


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