Real Name: Scott Summers Affiliation: X-Men History: Scott Summers will be one of the great men of mutant history. H...


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Real Name: Scott Summers Affiliation: X-Men History: Scott Summers will be one of the great men of mutant history. His story starts when his father and mother were abducted by a Shi'ar exploration craft. Stranded on Earth alone, Scott and his brother, Alex, grew up in an orphanage run by the evil Mr. Sinister. Sinister tried brainwashing the boys. Before he was successful, Alex was adopted and Scott was saved by Professor Charles Xavier. Xavier recruited Scott for his X-men. Over the years, Scott has been deputy leader, then full-time leader and now reservist for the X-men. He eventually traveled to the Shi'ar Galaxy and was reunited with his father Corsair. During one stint as a reservist, Scott married Madelyne Pryor and they had a son, Nathan Christopher Summers better known as Cable. Madelyne was revealed to be a clone of Jean Grey, Scott's first love. When Jean returned from hibernation, Scott left Madelyne with the X-men. Madelyne was corrupted by the Phoenix's power, like Jean before her, and was killed during Inferno. Time travel is part of the Summers legacy. Rachel Summers used the power of the Phoenix and her own mutant powers to pull Scott and Jean into the future where they helped to raise Nathan. After twelve years in the future, Rachel had to return Scott and Jean to the present before she died. Scott and Jean were pulled back into the X-men's world, when Apocalypse captured the Twelve. Although the X-men defeated Apocalypse, Scott sacrificed himself to save the X-man.

Powers: Cyclops' eyes constantly fire red energy beams. At full power these beams can punch through mountains. However, Cyclops cannot control his power, and is forced to always wear a ruby quartz visor, glasses or goggles. He has an uncanny ability to compute trigonometric relations, which allows him to bounce his optic blasts with incredible accuracy. His greatest fear is losing control of his powers and hurting someone he cares for.

Well, quite a history for such a man! Well, for all the X-men fans this is a must have! Grab it now and don't forget to visit the Skinlab!

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