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Darth Maul

dmaul.zip —


What's cool about "Episode 1"? Right, the lightsabres and Darth Maul. And here he is, Mr. Bad'n Ugly in person. The guy who made two jedi's look like little schoolgirls before he had a very unfortunate encounter with a lightsaber. It was a shame...that Kenobi-guy was defeated! Why can't it be like this in the real world, btw.? If I was hanging on the edge of a 200 miles deep tube like abyss, and the bad guy was towering over me, taking his time to finish me off, I know, what would happen: He'd finish me off! That's it...that would be unfair, wouldn't it! But I'm wandering off here, ain't I? ;) Aaah, before I forget it: This awesome skin is another one from Seedybee! Great work! He's even planning on adding a lighsabre! If you get that done, you've earned ya' a pint :)


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