Death Towers



Here is a castle style CTF map, symmetrical layout created by a new mapper named MDK Dead One!

It is a very dark map, so use of night vision goggles is a must, especially when you fell into one of the pits!

The map isn't very big, but there are various routes to the flags... easy and difficult ones (including lovers, varying heights and side rooms with tunnel connections)!

I suggest you invest some time to learn the map before you actually going to play it ;)

600a.jpg 600b.jpg

According to the NFO the heavy weapons are hidden to limit access... but they are in there (gulp, i couldn't find them, silly me)!

600c.jpg 600d.jpg

Have fun with the map!

Update: The zip lacks an INFO-file, so here is a small (*grin*) note from the creator himself:

Since I wasn't really sure of what I needed to add to the text file that was sent with the DeadTowers1b map, I left the descriptive portion rather minimal. So I'll add a little information... better late than never I guess. DeadTowers was my "second" attempt at mapping. I had to make this map a second time because the first attempt crashed (after 20 to 30 hours of labor)... the file ended up with "no vis data" during a fast compile for testing and to this day I'm still not sure what happened (I was told that there were too many polys in the map). I originally blamed my computer since it's getting a little behind the tech curve with regards to what is on the market today but now I think it's a basic mapping error that I need to identify for future maps (actually, my newest mapping attempt has also suffered the same fate and must now be done again... LOL). The DeadTowers map was intended to be on the dark side to allow for some hiding places and also to keep in character with what I thought a castle would look like inside during that period of history... I don't recall to many having an abundance of lighting. This is also the reasoning behind the simple texturing... most castle structures of note were constructed of local stone; what ever was readily available. I think the scale is some what on the small side but it is larger than the very first attempt (grid scale wasn't a quantifiable value for me at the time). Because of the close quarters, I placed the heavy weapons (flame thrower, missile launcher, etcetera) in out of the way places... all in the upper tunnels of the "sewer" rooms. These weapons can be accessed by way of the grates at the bottoms of the columns found in the sewer rooms. There are four upper level tunnels with eight grate entrances in each sewer room. The grates must be blown open or "knifed" open, weapons fire will not open them... I'm not to sure how the hell I managed that but I've enjoyed watching people waste their ammo trying to shoot them open. The wells at each end of the map also have tunnels connecting to the sewer rooms that can only be accessed by jumping from the top of the well (from the ladder side is best). These tunnels end up in mini pits, capped with grates, directly above the center of the sewer rooms. The well bottoms have interconnecting tunnels to the pit in the main hallway and to each other... the low road to get the flag back to base. The main hallway has "slippery" areas on each side of the pit, with grenades as lures, to entice the unwary into falling into the water below. Once in the water, ladders can be found on either side which again lead into the sewer rooms. In retrospect, I should have made the pit wider to increase the difficulty of the jump. There are also the loft paths above the main hallway to get across the pit. Getting to the loft can only be done by climbing the wood slat partitions in the main rooms or jumping from the stairs or ledges. All in all, I'm pleased with the majority of the map. I've learned some things that I'll apply to the next one and now have a better handle on overall scale. My best suggestion when playing this map is to enable falling mode, it's not terribly fun to be able to jump from the uppermost heights and still be able to run away. I also suggest trying a high dive from the top with the sniper rifle view, guaranteed to turn your stomach! Hope this is helpful, MDK Dead One


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