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Lars has made a very nice CTF map, inspired by Strongholds, which takes place in two HUGE castles! In be...


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[DI] Lars has made a very nice CTF map, inspired by Strongholds, which takes place in two HUGE castles! In between those two castle there is a forest which you have to cross to find the other castle!

There are two versions of this map (with and without shotguns). Both BSP are in the zip!

And make sure you check those walls for some secrets ;)

Due the size of the castle, i think it's better to use some long-range weapons, but if you do, that's up to you :D

2517a.jpg 2517b.jpg 2517c.jpg

Have fun with this nice map :rock:

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Download 'di_castle_full.zip' (6.77MB)

* General Information *

Title : DI_Castle & DI_Castle_Shotty
Date : Completed 4/16/02
Filename : di_castle.zip
Author : <DI>Lars
Email : [email protected]
Description : Castle CTF map, mostly inspired by Strongholds, another great castle CTF map!
* Play Information *

Game : Soldier of Fortune 
Type : Multiplayer 
Primary: DM/CTF
Requires : You should have all updates for SOF installed
Players : 4-16 players
Weapons : 
DI_Castle : MG, SMG, Sniper, and Flame Gun
DI_Castle_Shotty : MG, SMG, Sniper, and Shotgun

Two versions of the same map. The difference is one has Flame gun, the other shotgun. Alternatively, if you select "No Rockets", the Flame Gun will not be in the game. This was added later after getting feedback from the SOF community.
* Construction *

Original design Editor : SOFRadiant 
Buildtime : 2 months of off and on mapping...lol!
Known Bugs : None
Features : Two nice castles for sale!
Build Machine : 400mhz PII
Compile Machine : 700mhz Celeron
Compile Time : 7 hrs for bsp/vis, and 18 hrs for arghrad!
R_Speeds :  Highest I saw is 1188 WPs. Avg. is 800 WPs. This map may be slow
on older machines, but if my PC (400mhz PII) is any indication, it should be fine.
* Installation *
Just unzip (or extract) the file di_castle.zip to your user folder in the sof directory:
(C:Program FilesRavenSOFuser) OR (C:Program FilesRavenSOF Golduser);
You should set your unzip utility options to recreate all folders, 
but make sure you don't overwrite any files!

Just in case you need this:

"di_castle.bsp" goes in the folder usermapsdm
"di_castle_shotty.bsp" goes in the folder usermapsdm
"morningdew.txt" goes in userpicssky
"customsky" (the whole folder, and all contents) goes in usertextures
"di_castle" (the whole folder, and all contents) goes in usertextures
* Credits * 


In the DI_Castle texture folder, there are some: 

miscellaneous FREE textures taken off the internet;

modified Raven SOF textures by <DI>Lars;

forest trees and forest ground textures made by Phantomas;

3D trees made by (Unknown);

SOF shield logo texture made by (Unknown, possibly Raven?);

In the customsky texture folder, as well as the sky folder:

morningdew sky textures, and morningdew.txt made by (Unknown, possibly Godh?)

If you know any of the above mentioned "Unknowns", please let me know, 
and I will give proper credit in this readme.txt

* Misc *

Thanks to all of <DI> Damage Inc. Clan Members

Esp. <DI>Psycho for inspiration to start mapping and being a great friend;
<DI>DMSGSX for running the best servers (whenever the bastards didn't hack it) 
and being a great leader!; and <DI>Ghost for being a great beta tester!


Taken off the <DI> webpage: 

DAMAGE INC does not condone cheats of any kind! 
Lately there have been several rumors started, that may have led 
some of the less intelligent members of the SOF community to believe that <DI>
condones the use of cheats. Any <DI> member caught using cheats will
be permanently expelled. Any person suspected of using cheats in
our servers will be banned from all <DI> servers.

For more information on map making with SOFRadiant, editing, or anything else of the sort, check out: http://www.foyleman.com

This map may not be altered or mis-used without permission. 
Textures are free to use when proper credit is given. 
This game level is free for distribution.

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