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Well, im sorry Intruder but a new map has nabbed my "Favorite Map Award" :D Fragged In Space has got to be the coolest map out for SoF!! I...


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Well, im sorry Intruder but a new map has nabbed my "Favorite Map Award" :D Fragged In Space has got to be the coolest map out for SoF!! It took a whole month to make this map and here are some of the features:

*Custom textures & sounds *Simulated moving spaceship, with chasing, firing ship. *Flying Asteroids to avoid. *4 different traps to catch your enemies

Well I dont know where to begin! When I first spawned I looked around and figured out I was in the cocpit area of the ship. Then I looked up at the stars flying by and WHOOSHHH an asteroid flies by! "WOW" I tought! Anyways I continued around the map in awe. Les sure was right about custom textures and sounds! I didnt even think it was the SoF engine! There are green "teleporters" that you step into, and they teleport you out of red teleporters. 315_2.jpg In addition to this there are 4 great traps to catch unsispecting players. This has got to be one of the coolest aspects of the map. You can turn on a giant fan in a wind tunnel that will suck up anyone inside, and watch it through a camera the whole time while the emergency broadcast comes on the radio "Please evacute" 315_3.jpg 315_1.jpg Or if your really feeling mean, turn on the AA gun while someone is trying to grab that armor! I wont give them all away :) Also, you can go outside the ship and walk around on it, but watch out for those asteroids! Also, take a look at the ships flying around your ship shooting missiles! Finally, even with all this fancy shmancy stuff, if the map dosnt have good architecture, it wont be good to play in. Well this map is no exception. The architecture is really great, with everything equal and nicely done. All kinds of slits and windows to shoot from and everything is scaled nicely and semetrical. The map kind of reminds me of that spaceship map in Unreal Tournament. With "space-doors" that slide open sideways and all the beutiful custom textures I would give this map a 9.8 out of 10 if I were reviewing it. The only thing that I didnt like about map was that if you are looking in one of the many cameras in the map and you moved away from the toggle switch, you would get lost while stuck in the camer screen. Although this isnt the mappers fault, it still is a present one. But as long as your careful it wont even happen. Anyways stop listening to my blathering and go download it! NOW!



People have been reporting that the FiS.exe makes empty dir's. TurboPoint was nice enough to send us an updated version that fixes this. Yet another reason to download this great map.

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Download 'fis.exe' (2.7MB)

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