[GI] Railway

girailway.zip —


WaRmongR has made a nice CTF map for SOF1, named [GI] Railway!

The map isn't very big but still worth checking out! It is a fun map with all those speedy trains :D

The map is CTF only so no other gametypes are supported!!

Have fun with it!



Author...  WaRmongR
e-mail...  [email protected]

gi_railway.pak    is a CTF map only..  the map is small but has sure  made some good laughs
between my friends be carefull of speeding trains..
open the zip  file and put the gi_railway PAK  file straight into your 
 sof/ base/ folder

hope you like it !!

thanks to GODh for uploading the map  and all people who are connected to GDC mapping 
i would be lost without that webby also thanks to pointygit for pointing me in the right directions

and most of all thanks to all  GI's :)

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