Hector Infector has revisisted this Harbour map! The original version was played in the [url="http://www.tot...


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Hector Infector has revisisted this Harbour map! The original version was played in the Total Carnage League and there were some complaints about getting of the ship alive :lol:

This was enough reason for Hector Infector to make some changes in the make: more and easier ways to get in and out of the ship, more healthpacks, more ammo and stuff! Even the r_speeds have been improved!!

It is the same map but it plays very different and in this case i think that's a good thing! :love: Good job m8!

Have fun with the map! :dance:

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Download 'ctfharbour.zip' (1.26MB)


Type: CTF (dm)  
Mapsize: MED (2-12)
weapons: all standard items present (no mpg)

Build time: 50 hrs
Compile time: 1 hr 45 min
size (KB):1500
Created by: Hector Infector

Unzip and pLace the .Pak file into your base folder and play!

Many changes have been included into this (the last) version of Harbour.

CTFHarbour is a CTF map which can be played as dm, although I wouldn't.

Credit goes to:
- QERadiant and all associated software.
- Raven for their most excellent game.
- My brother Delur, great idea, even if it's not quite what you had in mind!
- Silvio Dante for his hard work, Awesome textures and patience, with me. 
- THe EKK clan for their constant support! Thanks guys
- GODh aka [E]RAZOR for his dedication to all those mappers out there like me, who have a home for their maps... www.soffiles.com 
- [+]Tsyrak for his support, and ideas. 
- The mapping community for their knowledge and sollutions.
- And the rest of the online gamers out there that makes this map possible.

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