Mountain Forts CTF

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Two forts in the mountains separated by a cave area. very nice map will support 4-10 players anymore its a bit crowded Supports Deathmatch, CTF.

Requires 1.06 Gold or higher :)



Title			:mountain_forts_ctf
Date			:1/11/03
Filename		:mountain_forts_ctf
Author			:Flyin' V
Email			:

Description		:Two forts in the mountains separated by a cave area.

* Play Information *

Game			:Soldier of Fortune
Type			:Multiplayer
			Primary: Deathmatch, CTF. 
Requires		:1.06 Gold or higher
Players			:4-10 players

* Construction *

Base			:Original design
Editor			:SOFRadiant
Buildtime		:About a month
Known Bugs		:none

Features		:Nothing special

Compile Machine		:PIII 666mHz, 256RAM
Compile Time		:2 hours

* Installation *		

This zipped file should be extracted to the desktop.  The .bsp file should be put in the C:\Program Files\Raven\SOF\user\maps\dm
file, or similar file.

* Start *

Start an Sof Multiplayer Game.
Set the game to any multiplayer mode.
Select your map.
Start server.
*or pull down the console (~) and type : map dm/mapname

* Credits *
Special thanks to foyleman for his great tutorial, and forum help.  Foyleman, you rock.
Also, thanks to Skiman, Felladeath, and Tomaje for help in testing and suggestions.

For more information on map making, editing, or anything else of the sort, check out:



This map may not be altered or mis-used without permission. Textures are free to use when proper 
credit is given.

This game level is free for distribution.

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