Ping / Lag lowerer (Intruder)



***UPDATED*** (01/02/01) This program has been updated by Intruder, and now work even better. The readme thats included explains how to install and uninstall the prog.

"Here's something that I'm ready to share with the online players, this is a cfg file I made up for SOF and what its does is improves online gameplay by limiting the minimum and maximum Frame Per Second to 10 and 30 and then it also does a client predict for online player movements on a server and also predicts the weapons movement and then turns off 3 of the worse performance hits that the graphics can cause online and last but not least I also shut off the players bobbing movements so the player always shoots streight, due to not bouncing up and down or side to side. I have sent this file to a few friends that have 56k connections and they are and have been thrilled with its performance, so I figured its time to share it, since it works so well for everyone. Just unzip the file to the base folder of SOF and it will automatically load up whenever you play SOF."

- Gregg / Intruder

This thing is great for ANY CONNECTION, from modems and cables to dsl and T3's, it lowered my ping from 450 to 380 on average.

Yes I got an extremely shitting ping, but that's cuz the phonelines in my area suck bigtime.

Well, this program is a MUST-HAVE and all the credit here goes to Gregg / Intruder, he's da man! You should also check out his maps that are available here on SoFFiles.com, he's got plenty of 'em!


Note: Just a little explanation here. After Gregg / Intruder, author of the autoexec.cfg that really lowers your ping, got an E-mail from some dude who wasn't sure if he should download the file, since he thought it was the same as "Zero Ping" which appears to be a program for Unreal Tournament that totally messed up the online performance, well, here's the E-mail traffic these 2 guys had, so read it if you want:

Hey. I saw your ping lowerer thing and i saw how it said you put a "client predict for online player movements" This doesnt predict where someone goes and then allow you to shoot him and kill him even if he moves? I remember someone did that for UT, called it Zeroping, and it completely F'ed everything. Just wanted to ask before I downloaded it.

Thanks, Ezekiel

No No this is not anything like that zero ping thing. In all online games the players movements are predicted on the server by the server, in other words the server sends the info of the all the players movements to all the other players machines as do the players machines send info to the server machine, this is a constant process and has to be done or otherwise there would be no online gameplay. Now in all quake engine based games since Quake2 they have included a client and weapon predict feature that when activated all it does is to constantly follow your movements on your machine and send that info to the server machine. In other words all it does is updates your movements on your machine more than what would normaly happen if not activated. It does not send false info or send info faster than the server can handle, such as the zero ping did and thats what zero pings probelm was, it sent info faster than the server machine could handle and therefore players would move and always be ahead of the other players. Its very hard to explain, but just think or it as an infomation overload caused by the zero ping program. My autoexec.cfg file which Profiler chose to call a ping lower, just uses features of the SOF game engine to improve online game play there by improving ping. It is not a cheat and is not something that messes up anything, its biggest improvements come from the graphic features it turns off and the FPS min and max caps. Most of your best online players are using some sort of config file and most of them in SOF use mine, because it works and all it really does is helps you to get the most out of your machine without sacrificing online play speed. Get it and use it and if you don't like it just delete it and all with go back to the way it was before you used it. But once you've used it I doubt very much that you will want to go back to how it was before you used my autoexec.cfg.



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