Raiser BOT



Here is a bot made by a experianced crew that used to make bots for Quake2. Here are some of the features of this bot:

"multibot support (if there were any other), with and without waypoints every game mode (DM, Assassin, Arsenal, Realistic, Team DM, CTF, Control, Conquer the Bunker) allowed automatically and casually chooses a map among the installed ones automatically supports every .bsp map installed into base/maps, base/maps/dm, user/maps, user/maps/dm supports also the .pak ones, if you teach it you have them automatically recognizes (and uses) every skin installed into user/ghoul/pmodels cycle trough the skins, so you'll see different ones every time, until you see them all (if you have enough of them) allows you to exclude every map (so you can avoid the single player ones) skin (i.e. to reserve some of them for the human players) updates the map list with a click allows the user to save and reuse specific configuration (and once for every supported bot...) allows the user to change map without loosing the bots allows (obviously!) the user to customize the deathmatch flag through config text files allows bot chat!!! adds 18 new skins for bots ("hidden" into pak0.pak) especially, and I stress especially, it starts with 3 mouse clicks!"


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