Seals HUD



This file changes the look of your default HUD in SoF1, sent in by Melk (Seals). Go give it a try and see what you think;)

*** This is for SOF1 Only ***



                             - Seals HUD Version 1.08 - README - 
Game           : Soldier of Fortune
Type           : Multiplayer (All)
Requires       : SOF 1.03 or higher
Date           : 15-01-2004
Filename       : SealsHUD_v1.08.zip
Version        : v1.08
Author         : Melk (Seals)
Email          : [email protected]


 I made a first attempt to create a HUD a while ago, and here you have the new version. I'm still
 working on it but alot of people have been asking me for it. So here's what i cooked up so far.

 Those of you who've seen my other work must have noticed that I mostly use the colors green and 
 yellow. Well what can I say.. these are the colors my clan (SeaLs) uses and used. And together with 
 the other skins I made using the same colors (flags, armor, items, medkits etc.), all seems to fit 
 nicely together.

 This archive contains a *.PAK file that will replace the IMHO boring default HUD of SOF with the 
 HUD I made. It also changes the teamicons into smaller dots (Take a look at the screenshots). 


   - Unzip the Archive. It creates a folder "Seals HUD v1.08" containing this readme, 2 screenshots
     and a file called "Seals-HUD-v1.08.pak"

   - All you have to do is place the file called "Seals-HUD-v1.08.pak" into the BASE-folder of your 
     Soldier of Fortune installation directory.
     (default path is C:\Program Files\Raven\BASE\)


   - Just delete the file called "Seals-HUD-v1.08.pak" from the BASE-folder of your 
     Soldier of Fortune installation directory.
     (default path is C:\Program Files\Raven\BASE\)

-- Related Archive --

   - http://www.sof2files.com/file.info?ID=18386

-- Known Issues --

   - There could be a problem when you are using very low graphics. Someone reported that the health 
     bar turns blue when using very low graphics.
   - A few pixels in the right lower corner of the health bar might not have the correct color.


 You may distribute this archive in any format, but you have to include this file 
 with no modifications. This archive may only be distributed as free of charge.
 It's not permitted to modify any of these files in any way without my personal permission.

 I can not be held responsible for any kind of damage or loss caused by these files. (No damage 
 or crashes have ever been reported, so there should not be any problems) 

  Enjoy, Greetz Melk..

 - END -

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