Sexy's Skins for SoF1

It's good that some people are still making files for the good old SoF1 :) Here's a nice pack for player skins. Go give it a try

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It's good that some people are still making files for the good old SoF1 :) Here's a nice pack for player skins. Go give it a try

*** This is for SOF1 Only ***

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Hello!!! Everyone I hope you like my skins or ghouls as they are 
also called. There are 24 made by me and one made 
by HKSJuka with help from me.I will try to explain what to do
 lol!!! first off when you unzip sflwildandsexy's please 
unzip it to desktop then open it til you get to user then you will 
see the files in the user they are in the places that they need to 
go in your sof game files you just drag and drop them into the 
right place in sof. 
Now if you don't know how to do that or how to 
get to your sof files i'll tell you now. if you already know 
then you may skip this part. so here goes lol!!! first off right 
click on your sof icon on your desktop then click properties then 
click find target then you will be in your sof files after you are 
there look for user and open it you will find all the folders there 
to put these into. now when you open my zip for the skins you 
will see a file called custom.gpl it will be in user copy all the 
names that is in that files and paste them into your custom.gpl 
in your user then save. Now if you don't know how to copy and 
paste here is how you do that take your mouse and click beside 
the top or bottom of the list and hold down your left mouse 
button and move the mouse down or up if starting at the 
bottom do it til all names are highlighted then right click and click 
copy then go to user/custom.gpl and paste the names in by 
right clicking and clicking paste then save. now to drag and 
drop the other files in to the right place in the game you 
highlight like i told you then you can hold the left mouse button 
down and pull them into the right folders then let go of the 
button and they will drop into it. Open each folder up til you see 
the files then put them in the right place. Now the custom 
folders that are in user/ghouls/custom you drag all of those 
folders into there. Sometimes I may not explain well enough so
here is my msn if you need help 

[email protected]

that is e-mail and messenger for msn. Oh! I forgot to tell you 
that if you don't already have a custom.gpl you can put this 
one in your user. I hope you like them and have fun 
with them lol!!!
Oh!!! here is my forum for my friends and all and also 
my clan's forum too I haven't got my site working yet so 
you can go to my forum or to my clan's forum because the 
clan site is not working at the moment.

Love ya,
Sexy "Traci"

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