SoF Console Commands list



Our good friend [TS]PESTILENCE has tooken his time out of his schedule to put together a command list for the console in SoF. Im sure we the SoF community will appreciate it.

"I always see people asking what the command for "this" and "that" during gameplay, so I figured Id throw the command list togheter for the players out there in need. This is just the command list, not their definitions. Sorry, but Im not going to define 246 commands, I dont have that much free time."

LoL I dont blame you :)


[TS]PESTILENCE was nice enough to update the command list with as many definitions as he knew.

"Well, Nothing worse than having a command and not knowing what it does. Ive updated the command list with definitions of all that I know or could figure out. Alot of them had no effect on my server, so Im guessing they are developers tools or game specific commands. If you "KNOW" the definition of any commands not defined in the list,(No guessing please) E-mail me and Ill update the list. Hope this helps you guys."

You heard the man, if you know a command email him, NOW! :)


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