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Here is the latest edition of Jsrb01's SOF Server Launcher... version 1.5! Have fun with it!


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Here is the latest edition of Jsrb01's SOF Server Launcher... version 1.5!

Have fun with it!

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// SOF Server Launcher v1.5 - Compile Date - 03/26/2002
// This is Freeware. 
// Please send Bug reports to:

 Bug-Control_Limit and CTF_Loops values were not being passed to dedicated.cfg
 Bug-Control Limit textbox responded to wrong gametype.


 - Added Systray operation/auto-minimize to free desktop and taskbar space.
 - Added Custom maplist creator.
 - Added ability to save default config and option to save on launch/exit always.
 - Added a console command reference list form, with option to launch with game.
 - Added option to permanently add custom maps in your map list. (for those distributed in custom PAK files)
 - Added current IP reference.
 - Added new dedicated options: password(game), rcon_password (remote console), sv_suicidepenalty, sv_gravity, g_movescale, allow_upload, allow_download, sv_reconnect_limit
 - Added Lag , reduction option: set sv_no_big_ents 1, set sv_flash_big_ents 0, set sv_max_ghoul_mp 100 
 - Added detection/support for following new maps(raven mappack5): airportdm, factorydm, irqdesertdm, 	labdm, plantdm

//Whats next?

-Ofcourse the Servername color hack.
-I'm thinking an advanced tab for all those
 obscure "set" settings.
-A few more elements of convienence(autodetect 
 SOF location, etc..)
-Not sure what else it needs .. Lemme know
Thanks for all the feedback.

THE MAP LIST - It's built by checking every directory above the SOF\USER\ directory. Then it ofcourse searches for all files with the BSP extention. I did this method because the LST files didn't include all the maps you have(unless you like using notepad all day) I plan to have an alternate view which will read your custom LST files at a later date. In the meantime I created a routine which remembers your "favorite" map list, so you need only create it once.

BACKUP OLD CFG - Every time the game is launched it makes a backup of  the last dedicated.cfg called "Dedicated.bak". I've got it disabled right now because I plan to change some of the backup methods.

DM_FLAGS MENU  - This menu actively responds to the gametype selected and automatically invokes/nullifies/disables/enables the DM_FLAGS in accordance with the table listed at:
I'm pretty sure I got it right, but if you see something funky let me know.

SOF LOCATION - It's still using the "type-in" method. I haven't bothered to dummy-proof it so please leave the last "\" and the "SOF.EXE" out of this line. I plan to replace this method by reading the registry@
		 HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\App Paths\sof.exe (I hope it works)

FILE DEFINITIONS: (all but the EXE text files)
-SOFStarter.EXE - SOF Server Launcher executable.
-SOFStarter.CFG - Configuration file. Used to store default config.
-SOFStarter.MAP - Stores last maplist used.
-SOFStarter.CUS - Stores any custom maps added(PAK Maps).

1. Extract SOFStarter.Exe to you SOF folder. (e.g. C:\Program Files\Raven\SOF Gold)

2. Create a shortcut on your desktop to this program.

3. Launch the program.

4. Follow Steps 1-7 and press "GO".


ZIP file should include:
SOFStarter.EXE		139,264 bytes	03/26/2002	11:49pm
Readme.TXT		4,229 bytes	03/26/2002	11:51am

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