Soldier of Fortune v1.05 Patch

sof105patch.exe —


*This version is not compatible with previous versions, including the networking and save games*

Yep, it's finally here...

You MUST upgrade from v1.03 to v1.05. So people who never installed the 1.04 patch, just install the patch over your current game. However, people who DID install the 1.04 patch, here's what to do:

So what to do: - Reinstall the game - Apply patch

Yeah I know it sucks, but it's true.

In addition, your savegames won't work anymore...

The reason for this is because 1.04 was a Beta and Raven didn't include a "history" patch.

List o' fixes:

  • EAX performance optimizations.
  • Update to A3D's A3DAPI.dll to provide detection for Vortex 2 chipsets.
  • Pure server option. By default, this option is disabled. You will need to go into the parental menu to enable it, in order to connect to modified servers.
  • Added "net_mainip" cvar to specify the main IP index (use ip_list to see the IPs).
  • Update to the WON library that addresses some bugs.
  • Addressed an issue where people behind firewalls are connecting from the same IP By default, the Pure Server option will be set to "Locked Out" under the parental menu. When this option is locked out, you will only see multiplayer games in the server browser that are running the un-modified version of SoF V1.05. Enabling this feature will allow you to see all servers, including ones that are running code that has been modified by the community (i.e. MODs).

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