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The StoryYou are John Mullins, a 'consultant' hired by the US government to do the jobs that they cannot do as a country. Your miss...


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The Story You are John Mullins, a 'consultant' hired by the US government to do the jobs that they cannot do as a country. Your mission: hunt down four stolen nukes and then stop the terrorist group that was responsible for the theft before they can pull off their master plan. The safety of the world is in your hands...

Included in the Demo: The demo of the 3D action game will approach a shareware level of content with four single-player maps, including a tutorial level, two standard levels, plus a cinematic level, two deathmatch maps, a dozen different deathmatch models and texture sets representing three teams, in-game server browsing for finding and connecting to online games in a snap, and a wealth of custom options, including the ability to disabling enemy spawning.

Weapons in the Demo:

  • 1 - Combat Knife Primary Attack - Stab Secondary Attack - Throw knife (cannot throw last one)
  • 2 - Pistol
  • 3 - Heavy Pistol
  • 4 - Shotgun
  • 5 - Sniper Rifle Primary Attack - Fire from hip Secondary Attack - Aim shot through scope
  • Zoom scope in/out - "-" / "="


  • Shooting innocents is a bad idea. Hostages, SWAT Team members, and Hawk are all vital to the mission. Check your fire.
  • To get innocents out of a potentially deadly combat situation 'use' them. This lets them know it is safe to run!
  • Remember that louder weapons will make more enemies find you easier! When in doubt, try stealth.
  • Combat is deadly. Use cover wisely. Learn to use the "Lean" commands (USE+STRAFE) to look and fire around corners.

For the Techies:

Technology Features:

  • Fog Regions.
  • 32 Bit Color.
  • Web Style Game Interface.
  • A3D 2.0 and SBLIVE 2.0 Support.
  • Client Prediction Enhancements.
  • Terrain Engine For Scrolling Outdoor Maps.
  • Heavily Modified Quake II Engine Technology.
  • Revolutionary New AI System For Smarter Enemies.
  • 3D Hardware Accelerated Only (No Software Renderer).
  • Dynamic Music System + Playback Of Compressed Audio.
  • Detail Texturing, Damage Texturing, Texture Replacement.
  • Designer Scripting Language For Superior World Interaction.

Raven's GHOUL Rendering System which features:

  • New Networking Model.
  • Multiple Skin Support.
  • Accurate/Improved Lighting.
  • Lights Inside Ghoul Models.
  • Animations Greater Than 10hz.
  • Bolt-On Models And Attachments.
  • Per-Poly Physics/Collision Detection.
  • 26 "Gore Zones" On Each Enemy And Player Model.

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Download 'sof_demo_usv.exe' (95.05MB)

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