This skin changes the look for your sof player model, nice skin from *genetix ;)

*** This is for SOF1 Only ***



    SKIN: TangoSniper-v.1
    DEVELOPER: *genetix  email: [email protected]
                          (its my moms email lol i dont have my own, just wanted to clarify that!)lol

    INSTALATION: extract the PAK file to your sof/base directory.
     then add TangoSniper to your custom.gpl and then put the 
   tangosniper.gpm in your goul/pmodels folder.

     this was my first skin for sof and it was lots of fun 2 make
     it took about 3 days since i had 2 learn everything and stuff.
      the camo is cool! i added little dots and samples of alot of colors
      in the camo and as a result it changes color depending 
     on the enviorment! it should blend perfectly with 
     yellow-green-blue-purple and blends not so good for orange-red-brown..
     but is great for blu/grn/prpl maps.. and in the shadows your completly invisible.
         i hope to release a v.2 of this skin with some touchups and boltons. 
          email me if u have any suggestions or even if you hate this skin more than anything in the world.

         created with skinlab.. the best tutorial ever.

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