The Green Wall - v0.96a

tgw_beta96.exe —


Here is a new betaversion (0.96a) of "The Green Wall" (TGW)! Please delete your older version first (0.95 or 0.95a and the fixes)!

Main leaders of the TGW-team are Phantomas (known for his custom weapons like the AK47 and the MP5) and xXSeedyBeeXx (know for some cool skins and boltons)!

The Green Wall is a team based mod and is settled in the during period of the terrible Vietnam war. Each team tries to survive in the deep jungles and must finish their different mission settings. They can choose an american infantery group where they must reach a helicopterpoint, destroy a bridge, inflitrate a base or rescue some POW. On the other site they can choose the Vietcongteam (or sometimes a Spestnaz group), where they must defend their base, infiltrate an US- outpost, hunt the GI´s trough the jungle or fight them on the river. 618a.jpg 618b.jpg These here are only example missions for now and we have a lot ideas ready, the knowledge and the skills to make them possible. 618c.jpg 618d.jpg Some missions support bots and some cooperative mode! So be ready then soldier and try to give your best to survive in the jungle´s of vietnam!

618e.jpg 618f.jpg

This beta includes three maps, two custom weapons and some custom skins! Expect more updates in the near future!

Have fun with it!


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