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Soldier of Fortune SoF 2 Single Player Maps Check out that forum, I made a post in which I ask mappers what they'll be doing (mapping-wise, if anything) for SoF 2, and since there's most likely not going to be any Multi-Player, it'll boil down to Single Player missions or so! Please, let your voice be heard!


Soldier of Fortune Updated info on the Deadtowers1b map

The current file of the week "Deadtowers1b" from MDK Dead One lacks an info-file in the zip, so he emailed me some info that might interest you: Frag on!


Soldier of Fortune Interview with Raven's Jim Hughes about mapping for SOF/SOF2

Foyleman of had an interview with Jim Hughes from Raven about mapping for SOF and SOF2... For those who are interested, you can read the interview here!


Soldier of Fortune SOF2 Interview on

VE Talks Shop with Jake Simpson, about Raven's Soldier of Fortune 2! One of the best first-person shooters of last year returns with a quick-fire Sequel, as Raven Software has officially announced the development of Soldier of Fortune II. Eager for more, cornered Raven programmer Jake "The Juice" Simpson to learn more about it! This i...


Soldier of Fortune Mappers Guild!

I have received news of a new Mappers Guild that is being created by Foyleman from SoFCenter. Here is the news that was sent to me: Soldier of Fortune Center's foyleman has started an SoF Mapper's Guild. The plan is to bring together all of the mappers to share techniques, tutorials, and ideas to better the mapping community. Any seasoned veteran mapper wh...


Soldier of Fortune Please welcome SoF Map Archives is proud to host SoF Map Archives located at I'd love to give my personal opinion on this great site but the description theocide, the author of the site gave me completely says it all and I fully agree with it: Soldier of Fortune Map Archives or SoFMA, is, pretty much, what it says - a map archive. We update often;...


Soldier of Fortune Where the hell was

To: All who wonder where the hell this site went for 28 hours! About: Server downtime Hey Folks, Man, you've all noticed it,,,,, and it's subdomains, and a few other sites have been down for almost 28 hours. First off, I would like to apologize for all this, it reall...


Soldier of Fortune Aaargh, server was down again / 3 new maps today

Hey, In case you haven't noticed, our server has been down for almost 20 hours, I'm not sure yet what caused it but I'll definately found out. Anyways Osino will have 3 new maps for you today, he was supposed to post 'em yesterday but of course he couldn't cuz the server was down :( Sorry for the inconvenience, - Jos


Soldier of Fortune Intruder's Maps are back at

Well, I justed wanted to let you guys know that Intruders, Maps, his map tutorial and his ping lowerer are back at for your enjoyment! You should really check out every single one of them, cuz it's all good! A big thanks goes out to Intruder of course! Best Regards, Jos "Pro-Filer" Jongejan