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Soldier of Fortune Departed, a map in memory of Tyler Durden

Intruder was so cool to make a map in memorium of Tyler Durden (read here). So just go here to download it and to see what Intruder has to say about Tyler.


Soldier of Fortune SoFCenter Designer Diary/ PSoF Flash Trailer

SoFCenter has posted it's twelfth installment of their Designer's Diary. Keith talks about some interesting stuff about SoF's hit detection system (from a request). Once we've determined what exactly has been hit, we go through some damage-handling code to figure out what limbs to sever, how much blood to send flying into the air, etc. If a bolt-on was hit...


Soldier of Fortune 6 NEW Maps coming up!

Just wanted to let you know that this morning I found 6 maps in my lil' mailbox. So, well, I'll be adding those in the coming hour. Please know that I'm sick right now so know that updates from me WILL be slow while snot dripps on my keyboard (yuck!) :) Anyways, 6 maps that is, so come back in 2 hours or so! - Pro-Filer


Soldier of Fortune Beginner's guide to Skinning!

Those great folks over at the Skinlab have released a very, very, very good tutorial for people who don't know anything about making their own skin. Grab it here and get skinning! A thousands thanks to the Skinlab for putting out such a fine tutorial! P.S. Thanks Hive!


Soldier of Fortune Exciting map: Fortress

Copilot just finished his third map called Fortress. I must say the map looks very cool and it's very well constructed, so grab it here. Note though that because of the size inside of this map and the colorfulness it's slower than darker maps, like the ones that intruder builds. So like we all know: You can't get it all!


Soldier of Fortune Ping lowerer = NOT zero ping

Just a little explanation here. After Gregg / Intruder, author of the autoexec.cfg that really lowers your ping, got an E-mail from some dude who wasn't sure if he should download the file, since he thought it was the same as "Zero Ping" which appears to be a program for Unreal Tournament that totally messed up the online performance, well, here's the E-mail...


Soldier of Fortune Lower ping for ALL connection types, not just modems

This is more of a make-up that I have to do about the Ping-lowerer file that I reported yesterday... I stated that it only lowers the ping for MODEM users but in fact it lowers the ping for ANY connection, from cables to dsl and T3's. So if you have anything else than a modem, it's still a MUST have, click here to grab it. And again, sorry to all ya...


Soldier of Fortune Very cool map: Black Hole Sun

This map, made by famous Gregg / Intruder - maker of many maps, really brings something new into SoF. If you remember this certain map from the Q3A Demo, you'll probably know what I mean when you see the screenshot below. This map has different platforms on different altitudes, you reach those by horizontal (sorta) or vertical jumping pods. It alsor requi...


Soldier of Fortune "Town' <b> Map UPDATED (must read!)

Greetings visitors. Since the Town map hit the Top 10 downloads list in no-time and is no leading with A LOT of downloads, I thought I'd tell you that it's been updated. The previously posted Town map was a beta, which the author forgot to tell us. So now he has sent us a Final version, which is available here! So if you downloaded the old