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Soldier of Fortune First Custom CTF Map out now!

Just got word the shop that... ehh... I mean: just got word from RenderMan and DarkLord that they've finished the first-ever custom SoF CTF map, I've just played it for a bit and it's very cool. There's more info on the download page, so click here. Here's 2 screenshots btw:


Soldier of Fortune Custom Map & Skin server

As we reported earlier there is a server around dedicated for Custom Maps and skins. They now have a homepage over at PlanetSoF. Go check it out now and play, I'll be there 5 minutes after this posting as it is the server that gives me the lowest ping I ever have, which is 367 on average. Don't worry, it's a real fast server, it's just the phonelines i...


Soldier of Fortune Fragstation Map updated

Gregg / Intruder, the maker of the Fragstation map just sent us an updated version of his map. No big changes, just a little bugfix so it will also work on servers that have rockets enabled. There was a little bug that made the map fail when trying to run it on a server with the rocketlaucher enabled. Everybody must re-download if you ever want to play...


Soldier of Fortune Death Train Map updated

After Gregg, the maker of the "Death Train" map, got a lot of feedback telling him that his map was to dark, he decided to give it a quick overhaul. The results: A brighter map! So download it again, it's only 206 KB


Soldier of Fortune Custom map server / Test your own map!

Mike just sent us and E-mail letting us know that he's running a dedicated server especially for custom maps and to test those out. Here are the words from the man himself: Hi, I am running a dedicated server called 's custom maps server. I am dedicating my server to running custom maps only when enough are out. I noticed that you get custom maps sen...


Soldier of Fortune First custom SoF Deathmatch Map!

Maps!! Maps!!! Hot Deathmatch map off the press! Get it while it's hot: Tanya Cheex's DM Map. Yep, the first Deathmatch map for soldier of fortune by an "outsider", below is a little screenshot.