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Soldier of Fortune Soldier of Fortune 2 audio interview & exclusive SOF2 pix

Matt Morton is Associate Producer for Solider of Fortune II: Double Helix. XGR sat down with him to talk about the game and how it is coming along (he threw them a couple of exclusive screenshots from the game as well). You can hear the interview and see those pix here!


Soldier of Fortune SoF 2 @ Work Screenshot


Soldier of Fortune SoF GOLD release date?

Curtis & Jill have informed yet again of something Jake let them know: We here are hoping it will be on the website just after the weekend, but that's not gospel or anything. Jake Simpson Notice that he said HOPING and its NOT for sure, so if it dosnt come out then, DO NOT email him bitching about it. Thx Chris & Jill!


Soldier of Fortune SOF Interview has done an interview with 3 of the people who did the cinematics in Soldier of Fortune. They are: Jim Hughes, Lead Design Joe Koberstein, Lead Artist Mike Renner, Designer (Obviously I am posting this for you to check it out but if you want to save some precious time, feel free to ignore this whole post.)


Soldier of Fortune New SoF-Fortress Shots

SoFCenter has posted two exclusive shots of SoF-Fortress. The two shots are from the map "The Zone". I cant wait till some good mods come out for SOF!


Soldier of Fortune Realistic My Ass!!!

There's a "realistic my ass" video up at It was sent to me by the folks over at It shows how today's games are NOT REALISTIC at all. Have you ever seen a human strafing, or a person crawling to open the door when someone knocks on it? Or when you're fighting somebody, do you hit tab to see if you're winning? Man, this i...


Soldier of Fortune Violent Trends?!?!?!

3D action planet has put out an article entitled "Violent Trends". The article takes a look at the violence in current video games. It also talks a great deal about Soldier of Fortune and has several quotes from Kenn Hoekstra about violence in games. Here's a bit... Raven Software's Soldier of Fortune (SoF) stands out as "the most realistic, covert-operativ...


Soldier of Fortune New cool wallpaper

Yesterday we posted a new wallpaper that was send to us by Mike "Fragger" Torres. Just wanted to mention it in the news since it's a very decent wallpaper. It features the 3 main characters in Soldier of Fortune, John, Sam and Hawk. Here's a thumbnail: Here are the links: 800x600 1024x768 1280x1024


Soldier of Fortune Interview with Kenn Hoekstra made an interview with Kenn Hoekstra from Raven Software. They asked him 20 questions about his profesional and personal life. [ with hordes of enemies, powerful weapons and ultra-fast gameplay. Some people expected SoF to be a military simulation game, but we envisioned a John Woo film in a game world (minus guns Akimbo). For the final game...