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Soldier of Fortune Updated file: SWAT Elite Corps Skinpack (v1.2)

The SWAT Elite Corps skinpack has been updated to v1.2! There was a small problem with hair coming though the guys wearing red barets! This is fixed now! Further i re-dressed some guys and i added two female skins... I hope you'll have some fun with the pack!


Soldier of Fortune Updated file: NeoGeniX Skinpack (v1.1)

I had to update NeoGeniX Skinpack to v1.1, coz i noticed that one of the skins, Cobra, accidently overruled a standard skin with the same name... New name: Spitting Cobra Here is a small picture of both skins: I also updated install.txt coz it was not complete and i added an example every...


Soldier of Fortune Updated file: Funky Duck 2

The Funky Duck 2 skin has been updated! v1.2 has a duckbill now! The file can be found here!


Soldier of Fortune Updated file: Funky Crow

Well, it seemed that the Funky Crow skin had a faulty directoryname in the zip... Due that the wings didn't show up! Now you can download a 100% correct zippie ;) For those who want to correct it themselves: rename ghoul/pmodels/botlons in ghoul/pmodels/boltons...


Soldier of Fortune Skinny poll!

Well, we have a kind of skin-flood (and more are on the way), so when you currently look at the 20 latest files, it may look that we are a skin-only site, but that isn't the case ;) Someone asked me that have a poll to see what the users of soffiles like most: realistic or fantasy skins Our po...


Soldier of Fortune Updated file: Cool J (v1.1)

In the first version of this skin, the sound wasn't working properly: fixed!


Soldier of Fortune Updated file: Ugly [ZZ] Guy (v1.2)

Hi, Sometimes posted files needs an update coz they were missing a file or whatever... From now on, i will use the news-section to draw your attention to such files, otherwise you may never know that there is an updated version of that file ;) I just updated the skin Ugly Guy... It was miss...


Soldier of Fortune Making Custom Skins work: EVERYBODY must read! :)

Are you having problems with making thos custom skins appear in your game? Well, grab this nifty lil' program made by Magic Interface from Modcentral. Here's what the maker of this little utility says: I made this prog because I thought that, if everyone started making skins, users would have to...


Soldier of Fortune Chewbacca and Sub-zero skins updated

The author of the Sub-zero and the Chewbacca skins sent me a little update. They now include a little description that you'll see in-game. So in case you downloaded one of those skins before the time of this posting, download 'em again if you want. It's no more than 50 kb! - Download Chewbacca...


Soldier of Fortune Tons 'o skins to be added

I've been playing online somewhat lately and gathered about 6 skins. The reason why I haven't posted these skins yet is because I don't know who the author is. So, if you made a skin for SoF and you're reading this, fire off an E-mail to me. Another reason is time. I've been very freakin' busy wi...


Soldier of Fortune Nude Skin

Good news (I guess)! For the 18+ people Pikachu decided to make a nude skin (not for John Mullins relax, it's for a Lady...). So, grab it here from 50 bucks that this one is gonna hit the Top 10 in no-time! :) Here's a peek:


Soldier of Fortune Skinlab open for bussiness

Good news! Another SoF site! This time it's the Skinlab, dedicated in bringing you the latest Skins. Go check 'em out and welcome to the community!


Soldier of Fortune HW and SW lighting REVIELED

Here's an article that shows the difference between hardware and software lighting in SoF. It also has a couple of screenshots to show you the visual difference. Check it out here.