Soldier of Fortune

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Soldier of Fortune Tons 'o skins to be added

I've been playing online somewhat lately and gathered about 6 skins. The reason why I haven't posted these skins yet is because I don't know who the author is. So, if you made a skin for SoF and you're reading this, fire off an E-mail to me. Another reason is time. I've been very freakin' busy with school lately and had absolutely no time to add skins. Th...


Soldier of Fortune Nude Skin

Good news (I guess)! For the 18+ people Pikachu decided to make a nude skin (not for John Mullins relax, it's for a Lady...). So, grab it here from 50 bucks that this one is gonna hit the Top 10 in no-time! :) Here's a peek:


Soldier of Fortune Skinlab open for bussiness

Good news! Another SoF site! This time it's the Skinlab, dedicated in bringing you the latest Skins. Go check 'em out and welcome to the community!


Soldier of Fortune HW and SW lighting REVIELED

Here's an article that shows the difference between hardware and software lighting in SoF. It also has a couple of screenshots to show you the visual difference. Check it out here.


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