Soldner: Secret Wars

Wings Simulations has proven their knowledge in Military Games with their title Panzer Elite. Now they lead us into the military world of the year 2010: After half a century of military interventio...

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Operation Wings Memorial RC 1.1 Client 710.72MB 149
FunMod v4 26.94MB 144
Sldner Fan Site Kit v1.0 12.53MB 36
Soldner AGS Wallpaper (800x600) 187KB 21
Soldner AGS Wallpaper (1280x1024) 439KB 21
Soldner AGS Wallpaper (1024x768) 285KB 21
Soldner CMM Wallpaper (1280x1024) 459KB 25
Soldner CMM Wallpaper (1024x768) 307KB 12
Soldner UCS Wallpaper (800x600) 201KB 25
Soldner CMM Wallpaper (800x600) 206KB 25
Soldner AFV Wallpaper (1024x768) 263KB 13
Soldner AFV Wallpaper (1280x1024) 393KB 12
Soldner SWS Wallpaper (800x600) 219KB 22
Soldner SWS Wallpaper (1024x768) 325KB 8
Soldner SWS Wallpaper (1280x1024) 540KB 12
Soldner ADS Wallpaper (1280x1024) 444KB 23
Soldner ADS Wallpaper (1024x768) 261KB 22
Soldner Warrior or Wimp Wallpaper (800x600) 66KB 19
Soldner ADS Wallpaper (800x600) 173KB 12
Soldner Warrior or Wimp Wallpaper (1280x1024) 84KB 24
Soldner Warrior or Wimp Wallpaper (1024x768) 75KB 21
Soldner Barracks Wallpaper (1024x768) 176KB 12
Soldner Barracks Wallpaper (1280x1024) 281KB 13
Soldner The Sldner Camp Wallpaper (800x600) 191KB 23
Soldner Barracks Wallpaper (800x600) 115KB 13
Soldner The Sldner Camp Wallpaper (1024x768) 292KB 26
Soldner The Sldner Camp Wallpaper (1280x1024) 416KB 25
SLDNER - Secret Wars map pack 2.37MB 222
The flying fleeting flag 21.46MB 41
-=FS=- HQ 18.5MB 22
CP-SSW-Lehr-Video Gepard 26.92MB 288
SLDNER: Secret Wars Building SDK 3.11MB 167
ADS Screen 2 87KB 29
ADS Screen 3 87KB 25
ADS Screen 4 77KB 27
ADS Screen 5 67KB 26
ADS Screen 6 87KB 15
Can I shoot him? 79KB 43
You were walking over the speed limit. 54KB 35
Bungee Cord Bomber 11.05MB 92
SSW: Kryptonite 27.1MB 203
Global Strike Unit Soldner Mod v1 8.94MB 601
Soldner: Secret Wars Gameplay Video 18.05MB 2,951