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The official demo version of Space Colony, featuring three missions that are not found in the full version. It was made before the full game shipped, so some elements are undercooked.



Space Colony Demo – Readme

Section 1 - Background
Section 2 - Information about the full game
Section 3 - What’s missing from this demo
Section 4 - Starting the demo
Section 5 - Useful web addresses
Section 6 - System requirements

Section 1 – Background

2153 A.D.

Earth is no longer economically viable so the planet has been evacuated.  The real money is now in the orbital mega cities, advertising and most of all basic resource acquisition.

Every two-bit company in the galaxy is running a Lander operation, setting down on a new planet, killing off anything endangering the profits, sucking up every resource the planet has to offer and then moving on.

The galaxy is split into two, those who have credit and those who don’t.  Those with credit live in the luxurious orbital mega cities and are known as Spacers.  Those who don’t have credit are often tempted to carry out these dangerous resource acquisition operations and are affectionately called Landers.

The acquisition teams are usually made up from the dregs of society, drifters, loners and stargazers.  Many of them have little to live for so chance their luck in an attempt to get rich quick.  The loss of life is high.

Space Colony follows the story of Venus Jones, a 23-year-old veteran of three outings.  She needs one more successful trip and then she is out of there, retired, set up for life, in credit.  She is praying for a nice easy six-month mining assignment, what she’s going to get is a completely different story…

Section 2 – Information about the full game.

The twenty characters in Space Colony each have as many as a thousand lines of speech and over sixty unique animations each giving them their own personalities and set of character traits.

Each mission in the campaign is linked. Training badges, money, resources and relationships will carry over to the next mission giving a more contiguous playing experience than your average sim or builder game.

All of the aliens you will come across act differently from one another, some are friendly and may even be good for business while others will seek to enslave you!

Even the vegetation has a personality of its own!  Some of the plants you find on the planet surface can be used for food; others for medication and some can prove hazardous to your health.

With over a hundred buildings available to keep your people fed, entertained and rested you can build a unique colony in your own style and to your own specifications.

Section 3 - What’s missing from this demo.

Campaign Mode – The final campaign will feature twenty-four missions.  Later missions feature all 20 characters along, with space tourism, bioresearch, more industries and plenty of bug squishing!!

Galaxy Mode – Featuring twenty-four extra missions within sixteen mini campaigns, which are available in three categories: Economic, Military and People. With this mode you will need to complete certain planets (campaign’s) before more become available.  You will have set characters in each mission but you can select extra characters, depending on the amount of points available to you.

Sandbox Mode –Build peacefully in various settings of your own choosing.

Campaign Editor - Here you can create your own campaigns; missions and then let your friends, (or enemies…) play your masterpiece.

Speech – There is some speech in the demo but a lot has been removed due to size constraints, there is much more is in the main game. Many characters are missing from the demo (each character has between 300 to 900 lines of speech each) and a number of variations on the general conversations are missing.

Section 4 – Starting the demo.

Play the tutorial first! It isn’t too long and really helps explain the demo’s main concepts.

On the main screen, click the top icon (colour) to start the demo. The demo feature’s three mission, the difficulty of each we rate as easy, medium and hard.

The next time you play the demo, you will be presented with a list of mission’s that you have played to choose from.

Section 5 - Useful web addresses.

Developer’s Homepage:


Publisher’s Official Space Colony Website:


Publisher’s US Space Colony website information:


Official Space Colony Forum:


Section 6 - System requirements.

OS:		Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP.
CPU:		800mhz (1.2Ghz+ Preferred)
RAM:		64 MB (128MB Recommended)
HDD:		210 MB
VIDEO:	4MB, DirectX 8.1 compatible (800x600 upwards)
SOUND:	DirectX 8.1 compatible
CD-ROM:	8X Speed

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