In 1986 the world shook with the force of the largest nuclear accident ever. Twenty years later the repercussions are only just beginning. New life breathes new terror into an environment of fear and...

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U.S.M.C Camo for Clear Sky Strelok4556 6.1MB 44
BosnisHazard´s DV-2 Spetsnaz Knife BosnisHazard 538KB 30
UI & HUD Overhaul Autologic 2.65MB 110
Repair Kit Autologic 4.56MB 167
Minipatch for Reaper's Warsaw Pact Weapons Reskin PR ReaperPL 13.71MB 112
Camo_Ninjas Urban Military Stalker Camo_ninja 881KB 35
ABC 1.1 Mod Beta Patch for 1.005 / 1.006 snowmayne101 2.07MB 115
Reaper's Warsaw Pact Weapons Reskin PR ReaperPL 43.38MB 241
Repair Kit Autologic 3.18MB 130
A basic russian mod jankas 50.29MB 67
Cool Mod TRE9920 1.08MB 62
Soldiers Icon Pack Symphony 5.18MB 31
NoMoreBoringCordon insanelazarez 3.76MB 64
CEEM Motorbitch 417KB 75
Skins Overhauled 2.0 LoNer1 27.35MB 59
SEPULMAN'S HUD Sepulman 821KB 49
Camo NInjas AUSPAT military stalker Camo_ninja 1.07MB 36
Camo_Ninjas Urban Military Stalker Camo_ninja 1.13MB 33
UI & HUD Overhaul Autologic 2.36MB 119
Newmod geitema 153.4MB 237
Navy CIS 25 Frames TV Mod OcramX 27.22MB 47
SIG550 LoNer1 1MB 72
CEEM Motorbitch 169KB 141
Real Cordon Flash Drive Fix Decane 3KB 111
BosnisHazard´s LR-300 Camo Skin Pack BosnisHazard 5.06MB 84
Triggerhappy Sircostas 491KB 133
UI & HUD Overhaul Autologic 2.12MB 150
Real Cordon Flash Drive Fix Decane 2KB 206
STALKER MOVIE - Original soundtrack theme for menu Nine words 1.69MB 160
PDA mod + Weapons skins Overhauled LoNer1 46.33MB 54
Faction Wars Respawn Fix Decane 6KB 361
More Artifacts Steel 171KB 147
Additional Nightvisions + Anomaly Effects imperialreign 3.71MB 98
Clear Sky Faction Mod xRatx 56.66MB 195
Advanced Scopes Pack 3 Domm2405 1.88MB 170
STALKER Weather Overhauled Trojanuch 353KB 584
STALKER Weather Overhauled Trojanuch 59KB 494
STALKER Weather Overhauled Trojanuch 220.93MB 2029
Natural_English_Language_v1.0_for_OL2.2.rar elgen 291KB 217
New Scar Icon by The_Evil_Goat The_Evil_Goat 2.46MB 46
UI & HUD Overhaul Autologic 1.19MB 165
Scar Skin by The_Evil_Goat The_Evil_Goat 2.32MB 57
Gosuke Weapon Mod 4 gosuke 2.51MB 269
ClearSky EnGraphos Mod engraphos 2.3MB 225
ClearSky EnGraphos Mod engraphos 681KB 165
PhoenixHeart's Artifact Merchants Mod phoenixheart512 30KB 130
In Game CC and Subtitles for Oblivion Lost 2.2 Autologic 1.48MB 168
Nuka Cola Pack fishy_joe 2.78MB 47
Panoramic Mod 2.1 Final for Oblivion Lost 2.2 Autologic 15.58MB 546
STALKER Weather Overhauled 2.2.2 for Oblivion Lost 2.2 Autologic 18.54MB 632