Condemned's Clear Sky Review.

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It’s time that Stalker: Clear Sky gets a real review. It’s taken too much crap from most of the reviewing websites.

So here goes..

First off. The good: • Amazing, Immersive Atmosphere. • Enemy stalker AI is incredible. • A huge world to explore • Faction war (Whoo!) The bad: • Bugs,Bugs,Bugs! • High difficulty is not for everyone.

Stalker Clear Sky is a fantastic game, if you ignore the bugs. I only had one bug trap in my game play experience, but I just reloaded, and it was fine. So what.

Stalker Clear Sky is a colossal achievement, the graphics are top notch. And the game play, wow.

The story doesn’t explain that much though, It explains a little about Strelock’s past. But that’s it.

On Maximum graphics settings, this game will have better GFX than Crisis does. Which is an amazing achievement.

Graphics: 9/10 Sound: 9.5/10 Gameplay: 9/10 Storyline: 9/10

Overall, a solid 9.2/10

I Loved Clear sky, and you should too.


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