CS: S Map Based On Stalker

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Member Natace over at Oblivion Lost has created a Counter Strike: Source map based on Stalker. [quote]this version doesnt have envronmental sounds as i am still working on figuring out how to make them. I can't find proper shrubbery, grass etc, so i am using some wierd stick pile looking thing, which is ok, cuz i think it would be a good hiding place. The trees are kindof crummy looking, they aren't fully bushy looking, instead they kindof look like dead trees with a few leaves on them, but that's ok. In the level there are meant to be pipes...well, seeming pipes want to be severely difficult to make, with the rounded corners and stuff, even after following tutorials on how to make them, it still isn't working right for me, and would look incredibly bodgy and might slow down the game. The top of buildings can be accessible, but jumping onto the outside of teh level is aswell, so please excuse that as ppl might decide they want to jump into an empty void, depends what happens. on buildings there are no railings yet, as it will clog up the speed of the game and they really aren't necessary, i will try to implement them later on. The original level that this is based off has them metal stair thingies on the side of the building, well, right now i am working on other things but, soon i will work on them, and try to get them into the level. ALSO, i have been working on this all day, both trying to learn new things in the editor at the same time as actually creating the map and implementing the new things i have learnt, so non of this, "pfft your map sucks" or "you should spend more time on it" cuz i'm spending alot of time making this and learning about the editor, after all i am not a super proffessional map editor but, i am very creative[/quote] Download of the map can be found here: [url="ftp://ftp4.extreme-players.de/stalker/tdm_stalkerzakat_v05.rar"]Click Here![/url] Source: [url="www.oblivion-lost.com"]Oblivion Lost[/url]
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