IGN Clear Sky Dev Diary #3

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The third Developers Diary by Oleg Yarvorsky has been put up on IGN. This one focuses on the "landscape" of the Zone.

In S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Clear Sky, the Zone has been hit by frequent powerful emissions that have altered the layout of the area. Many of the places that were once safe and familiar to Stalkers are now covered with dense anomaly fields, which cut off all access to the surrounding areas. On the other hand, locations that used to be inaccessible have emerged from weaker anomalies are now open in the game, so players, as well as other warring factions, can now venture deep into areas that previously weren't unlocked in Shadow of Chernobyl. Anyone who's familiar with the first game, or has been following the progress of Clear Sky, will already know about the Hospital and Marsh areas of the game, but now you will also be able to visit the Red Forest and Limansk city, which was inaccessible at the time when Strelok's trip first started.

Even old locations have undergone changes. A new neutral faction is in control of the Cordon and the command post under the bridge is also under their jurisdiction, while the military have been forced out and are now based on ATP, which has opened up new entrances to other parts of the Zone. Many other areas have been changed on the same principle too. Bandits control the garbage territory and their boss Ioga has them feverishly searching through the radioactive mulch for rare artifacts. The Freedom faction has not yet taken the military stores situated in the Dark Valley, which means resources are tight and great changes are on the way. Meanwhile, the Duty faction – which is now encamped in SRI territory – is fighting to contain the monster attacks coming from underground holes (which you'll find out a lot more about when you play), alongside a handful of neutral Stalkers who have captured the plant near the road to Garbage.

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