IGN Clear Sky Developer Diary #2

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The guys over at IGN have put up part two of the Developer Diary by Oleg Yavorsky .

As an old Russian saying goes, 'you meet a person by appearances and see him off by the wits'. A similar parallel can be drawn with games too – the first thing gamers pay attention to is the beauty of the image they see on screen and the technical innovations made by the engine. It's only later, when they learn more about the gameplay, that they can ultimately decide whether they should continue playing and praise the game. Initially though, the interest is generated by the aesthetic side of the project.

For Clear Sky we made a number of improvements for the X-Ray engine, which we renamed Version 1.5, and these included DirectX 9 graphics that spanned onto shading effects, soft particles, liquid depth effects and smooth transition between water surfaces and the shore.

The brand new graphics module, which is fully DirectX 10-optimised, allowed us to introduce a number of cutting-edge visual effects and technologies into Clear Sky. We started with volumetric light, which helped boost the realism of the on-screen picture, so models look more believable and objects cast realistic shadows. Other DirectX 10-optimised effects include dynamic surface wetting such as realistic rain effects including water streaming down vertical surfaces, and accurate volumetric smoke.

Check out the full dev diary here.

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